Capoeira is a very complete sport for the health and well-being of young people because through it the practitioners quickly develop coordination, rhythm, strength and flexibility, in addition to losing weight and having fun.

Capoeira includes a part of martial art, also dance and music, in addition to working on discipline and personal effort to achieve improvements.

The classes include a warm-up part with stretching, a technique part with attacks and defense movements without almost contact, also jumps with acrobatics, and finally the musical part where they will learn to sing and play musical instruments, in addition to singing songs in Portuguese.

Capoeira is taught by certified and qualified teachers with several years of experience.

If you want your children to learn capoeira, we teach private classes at the comfort of your place.

Contact number for more information (whatsapp): +233 257987629 Ciarra +233249874610 Michael

– University of Ghana (Legon Campus) Every Saturdays and Sunday. Adolescents and adults.

More info: +34 625 264 990 Pedro or 0544802482 Salem


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